[SnK] きみの手 [JeanEren]


Title: Your Hand
Pairing: Jean x Eren
Author:  // Translation: nurui
Notes: jeaneren reincarnation au!! hooray my first jeaneren translation


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well - here’s the titan!jean everyone’s been begging for, sooo


drawing super gay jeanmarco is probably the bane of my existence


jean and marco found all the jeanmarco porn


i wanted to put like an “”official”“’ outfit thing for them so here it is

bert prefers things with hoods because he feels like he can ignore the rest of the world when hes playing on stage bc he gets stage fright

eren likes a snapback but NEVER EVER wears it facing forward because thats just nerdy. its only cool if you turn it back. he just likes it because it looks like You Mean Business

jean wears flannels all the time and loves beanies thats it basically

ymir wears tanks all the time and skinny jeans because she fuckin can. also because she feels warm all the time anyway. wearing layers isnt hardcore.

also i chose those bands n all for their shirts bc it kinda highlights what kind of music theyre specifically into?? granted they have a great range of music tastes but i mean its like. just bc theyre a pop punk band doesnt mean they get their insp just from pop punk bands too haha (although jean+eren in particular are very pop punk-y…. eren also really likes metalcore)

full size here


full size 

jaeger bombs group photo haha nerds

also u should totally check out a mock official tumblr page ;) (((THEY ALSO HAVE A FAKE MERCH PAGE TOO… HEh hehehe)))


did it for the vine



Thanks to beautiful miss emi who shared the link to the comic. As I’m not the native English speaker, please forgive me if there are any mistakes ^^


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